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Pastor Rashidi Denson

YOUTH AND YOUNG ADULT ADVISOR/CONSULTANT Pastor Rashidi Denson is a native of Brooklyn (Bedstuy). His foundational ministry was built by Community Bible Institute (CBI), and his Undergrad/Grad obtained from Nyack College/Theological Seminary, which is in Education/Biblical Theology & Organizational Leadership. His present & past extensive community work has been with Father Flanagan Boystown of America, Dept. of Ed. NYC, Dept. of ACS/Juvenile Justice, and YMCA. Pastor Rashidi is the founder /CEO of Feed The Fire Inc., a Youth & Family development program designed to foster and create systems with the necessary tools /resources to produce productive outcomes. Serving as a missionary to Trinidad & Tobago, Southern India, and South Africa has made him a sought after seminar/conference speaker. Pastor Rashidi has served on various boards in family development and worked/affiliated with NYCHA, NYC Mayor’s office, Brooklyn Borough President office, Dept. of Ed, Job corps of USA, and the United States Government. His servant leadership style allowed him to develop his own businesses that are in the areas of Event Planning, Real-estate Investing, Fashion Jewelry Marketing, Sports Marketing/Events, and Leadership Development, as well as Financial Educational/Planning. His current passion is correcting an injustice against working class/main- street families by helping them achieve wealth building and having true retirement plans.

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