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Dr. C. R. Johnson: Founder

Brooklyn Tabernacle Deliverance Center
1979 - 1987





The late Dr Clarence Ray Johnson was a man of honor, truth, integrity, faith, obedience, compassion, charisma and a gifted teacher He began his pilgrimages as a member of the Williamsburg Christian Church, and a few years later he received Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior while serving time in the United States Armed Services.

Dr Johnson continued on a spiritual journey through various ministries, where the Lord used and elevated him. The Lord gave Dr Johnson a desire to travel, and while traveling the Lord gave him a burden for missions. As a result he supported and ministered the Gospel in many countries throughout the world.

Dr Johnson was a highly anointed man and he was very sensitive and obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit. God showed him through a vision to establish his own ministry in Brooklyn and marched his congregation into 600 Lafayette Avenue.

Dr Johnson always looked to Jesus: he stood firm and strong on the "Word" of God. He was a no-nonsense Minister He was not only blessed to be the Founder of BTDC, but also Community Bible Institute, Brooklyn Tabernacle Christian Academy/Day Care and Lift Up Jesus Ministry to name a few Dr Johnson had a great love for his members and the Ministry.

We thank God for the life of Dr Clarence Ray Johnson.


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Bishop James F. Copeland

Successor of the late Dr. Clarence R. Johnson
1987 - 1997





The late Bishop James F Copeland was a man among men, a man of vision, faith, betterment of humanity, a family man, a man of God. Each day Bishop Copeland brought new experiences and special opportunities wherein he could help others, manifesting God's abundant love and compassion. He used his God-fearing life in the anointing to influence and lead others to Christ.
Bishop Copeland continued the vision God gave Dr C.R. Johnson by reaching the masses
in the third world countries.

Bishop was consecrated and he received his Episcopal appointment as Pastor, President,

and Chancellor of CBI in New York and Trinidad. Bishop James F Copland continued to

support the Vision of Dr C. R. Johnson until he laid down his staff on March 8, 1997 and

went home to be with the Lord: His legacy will always be remembered.

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